tone-cluster is the experimental music project of noted violinist/composer/arranger Eric Gorfain, founder of The Section Quartet.  KYO SHU is a musical reverie of Gorfain’s years spent in Japan, first as a college student, then as a Tokyo studio musician, through improvised studio performances made with amplified acoustic violins, guitar pedals, piano, and synthesizers.  Gorfain performed, recorded, and mixed the album himself.  

“It began as purely musical exploration but transformed into soundtracking memories,” explains Gorfain. “'Kyo Shu,' like so many words and concepts in Japanese, is a word of duality.  It means 'reminiscence,' but reminiscence with an undercurrent of 'nostalgia.'"  The soundscapes have mesmerizing energy, like that of a walk after midnight on the sand dunes of the Japan Sea coast (“Mayonaka Sakkyu”), or the wonderment of standing under a full moon in autumn (“Mangetsu”). 

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